[ 英语 ] 以学生会的名义为一场英语演讲比赛写一则海报。

篇一: In order to improve students'spoken English and inspire their interest in it,the Students'Union has decided to hold an English speech contest in the School

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[ 英语 ] I go to school on foot.改为同义句。

I go to school on foot. 我步行上学。 改为:I walk to school. 若对on foot进行提问,则是 How do you go to school? 常见的用来引导疑问句的有when,where,how,why等。

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[ 英语 ] 句型转换:We also have an art room and two music rooms at our school.

av无码波多野结衣在线看 We also have an art room and two music rooms at our school. 我们学校还有一个艺术室和两个音乐室。 改为:There is an art room and two music rooms at our school too.

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[ 英语 ] they built a new school last year改为被动语态。

av无码波多野结衣在线看 They built a new school last year. 改为:A new school was built by them last year. 被动语态的结构分类: 一般现在时:be done(be随人称变化) 一般过去时:was/were done 一般将来时:will be done 现在进行时:b

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[ 英语 ] 二月份英语怎么说?一至十二月的英语有哪些?

av无码波多野结衣在线看 January 1月;February 2月;March 3月;April 4月;May 5月;June 6月;July 7月;August 8月;September 9月;October 10月;November 11月;December 12月。   以下是简写: 1月  Jan;2月 Feb;3月 Ma

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[ 英语 ] on,for,with的运用:What are they doing? -They are cheering___their Class team.

What are they doing? -They are cheering for their class team. 他们正在为他们班级欢呼。   cheering for:为…欢呼 例:cheering for life:为生命喝彩

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[ 英语 ] 连词成句:this,black,white,and,is,cat。

av无码波多野结衣在线看 This cat is black and white. 这只猫是黑白相间的。

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[ 英语 ] a christmas carol 课文翻译。

The Spirit of Christmas  圣诞节的精神 Many would agree that when we think of Christmas,we probably think of gifts,Christmas trees and Santa Claus. 很多人同意这一点:当我们想到圣诞节时,

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[ 英语 ] 英语编写对话,有关颜色的。

av无码波多野结衣在线看 A:Oh!You look so beautiful today! 哦!你今天看起来真漂亮! B:Thank you!look my new shirt ,I bought it yesterday. 谢谢!看我的新衬衫,我昨天买的。 A:That is very nice. 那太好了。 B:Yeah,I feel i

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[ 英语 ] 瀑布怎么用英文读?

av无码波多野结衣在线看 瀑布:waterfall,发音为:英 [ˈwɔ:təfɔ:l],美 [ˈwɔ:tərfɔ:l] 。 waterfall造句: 1、The Huangguoshu Cataract Is One Of The Largest Waterfalls In China.黄果树瀑布是中国最大的瀑布之一。 2、The Water

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[ 英语 ] 连词成句:get、how、I、the、can、to、post office(?)

av无码波多野结衣在线看 连词成句:get、how、I、the、can、to、post office(?) 答:How can I get to the post office?     我怎么走能到达邮局?

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[ 英语 ] I'd like to come to the party. 对Come to the party 划线提问。

av无码波多野结衣在线看 提问:Would you like to come to the party?          你愿意来参加聚会吗? 回答:I'd like to come to the party.          我想来参加聚会。 Would you like常用句型如下:  1、Would you like doing…… 

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[ 英语 ] I went sailing with my brother改为一般疑问句。

av无码波多野结衣在线看 I went sailing  with my brother. 改为一般疑问句:Did you go sailing with your brother? 回答:Yes,I did./No,I didn't.

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[ 英语 ] 我的变化英语作文80词带翻译。

篇一: Now, I am a middle school student in grade nine. It’s also the last year of middle school. Therefore, I must work harder this year because I want to get goo

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[ 英语 ] 英语家庭作业:I like horses对horses提问。

I like horses.我喜欢马。 提问: 1.What do you like? 2.Do you like horses? 改为否定句: I don't like horses.

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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译:2.我过去常常在这看报纸,不是吗? 3. 很久很久以前,附近有一个巨人。

我过去常常在这看报纸,不是吗? 翻译:I used to read newspapers here, didn't I ? 很久很久以前,附近有一个巨人。 翻译:Long long ago, there was a giant nearby. 她刚刚看见一个陌生人正在那看书。 翻译:She just saw a str

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[ 英语 ] 英语双人对话带中文。

篇一 A: What did you do today?  (你今天干嘛了?)  B: I went shopping at the mall.  (我去购物中心逛街了)  A: What did you buy?  (那你买了什么?)  B: I wanted to buy a dress, but did not.

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[ 英语 ] 英语问题:There are lot's of food.是对的吗?

不对,应该将 are 变为 is,变成There is lots of food. 因为there be是用来修饰名词的,那lots of只是一个形容词,lots of food这个整体才是名词,而food是不可数的,“很多的食物”.There be 修饰的是“食物”这个名词,而不是“很多”这个形容词,所以应该改为is

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[ 英语 ] 21用英语的基数词怎么写?

基数词是表示数目多少的数词。 1)1-12,独立成词。 one、two、three、four、five、six、seven、eight、nine、ten 、eleven、twelve.  2)13--19,由3-9+teen构成。 14.fourteen、16.sixteen、17.seventeen、19.ninet

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[ 英语 ] 用have problem doing sth造句。

av无码波多野结衣在线看 have problem(s) doing sth:做某事有困难 1.I have problems learning English.我学英语有困难。 2.The company has problem in servicing its debt.这家公司在还债方面有问题。 3.I have problems und

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